Participation Circles of Giving

The opportunities at Charles Wright Academy are exceptional: outstanding teaching, unrivaled academic programs, community service options, robust extracurricular activities and so much more. Our community understands that to provide these experiences, we must raise funds beyond tuition. We ask all of our parents to give a meaningful gift every year to the Annual Fund. Our parents are leaders in this effort to continue to make Charles Wright Academy the school that it is. Thank you to each and every one of you for entrusting your children to us and for your continued support of our work. We extend a very special thanks to all those parents who helped gain support from their peers by helping with the Annual Fund campaign.

◊ CWA employee | * deceased | § Society of Elders | ƒ Founders’ Society |
∏ Loyal Tarriers Society | ∆ Society of Lifetime Giving

JUNIOR KINDERGARTEN   82 % participation
KINDERGARTEN  52 % participation
FIRST GRADE  57 % participation
SECOND GRADE  63 % participation
THIRD GRADE  56 % participation
FOURTH GRADE  84 % participation
FIFTH GRADE  63 % participation
SIXTH GRADE  73 % participation
SEVENTH GRADE  71 % participation
EIGHTH GRADE  67 % participation
NINTH GRADE  58 % participation
TENTH GRADE  80 % participation
ELEVENTH GRADE 65 % participation
TWELFTH GRADE 63 % participation

Anonymous (10)
Anonymous, in honor of CWA Faculty
Ahmad Abadullah and Shazia Ahmad
David Adams ◊ and Kelley Thomas-Adams
Sanjay and Deepika Agrawal
James ◊ and Holly Albers
Gavan and Shoshona Albright
Michael and Aimee Allen
Justin and Robyn Anderson
Gail Antilla
Haroon Anwar and Shannon Mandel
Alan and Jill Ater
Ziad and Janet Baba
Colette Bailey
Kuljit Bains and Navneet Singha
Deborah ◊ and Donald Baldwin
Stephen and Shabnam Barnhart
David Barrett and Sunyoung Yoon
  in honor of Ronnie James Dio
Ian and Kerryn Battye
Sedia and Nicholas Bayard
Gordon and Rebecca Beatte
Chad and Trisha Bender
Glen and Lisa Bertini
Helen Bingham-Rowles ’84 ◊ and Ronald Rowles Π
Nathan and Connie Bittner
Bruce and Cynthia Bordenick
  in memory of Hal Smith
Peter Bortel and Christiane Robinson-Bortel
Adam Boyce and Trina Greenbury
Kevin and Patricia Bozich
Darren and Gloria Brassard
Michael and LoRanee Braun
Anthony and Nancy Braxton
Nicholas and Kristin Briejer
Peter and Julie Brink
Antonio and Adina Brito
Shane and Manon Buettner
Todd and Heather Burgess
Kevin Burke and Susan Larsen
James ’67 and Susanna Buttorff
Tammy Caley
Marie Callet and Rick McLaughlin
David and April Callies
Joshua and Ella Cameron
Matthew ◊ and Rae Charlton
William ◊ and Stephanie Chissoe
Sang Ho and MiYoung Choi
Gretchen and William Christenson
Hrishikesh and Bhawna Churi
David and Kimberly Clark
Jennifer Clark and Theologos Voudouris
Darrell and Wendy Cochran
Mary ◊ and John Cole
Diana Comfort
Jessica Connor
Joshua and Veronica Conrad
Nathan and Jessica Conway
Timothy and Jessica Corddry
Ernst and Paula Coumou
Richard and Leesa Coyner
Gary Craig
Laura Schuman Craig
  in honor of Aspasia Craig  ’24 and Harlow Craig ’22
Abelardo and Natacia Cruz
Jose Santiago Cruz and Kristine Tiuseco
Todd and Julie Currier
Becky and Kurt Cushman
Nicholas and Kathryn Cutting
Parsana Deoki and Mary Magsanoc-Deoki
Ryan and Angela Desjardins
Loretta Diallo
Giuseppe and Christine DiPietrantonio
John and Katina Dispenza
Trung Do and Jessica Luong
Daniel and Clarisa Dobler
Kathy Dobler ’79 and Dave Dearth Π ∆
Charles and Michelle Donner
Sean and Michelle Eagan
Sancar and Pelin Eke
Ezra Epstein
Gregory and Kristine Failla
David and Alice Fairley
Yuan Fan and Qiang Ren
Coleman and Lilia Fannin
Dennis and Angela Fields
Murland and Juliana Fish
Greg and Shannon Fisher
Dana ◊ and Jeffrey Flaskerud
Christopher Floyd
Jennifer Foley
John Forier ◊ and Heidi Huckins ◊
Ryan and Jenni Fournier
Travis and Christy Gagnier
Brian and Deborah Garrison
Zheng Ge and Lucy Zhou
Jeffrey and Wendy Gerbing
Holly Gerla ◊ and Bobby Kemp
Gopal Ghimire and Jyotshana Shrestha
Stephanie Gianarelli
Gregory and Dorothea Gicewicz
Stephanie Rush Glenn ’86 ◊ and David Glenn Π
Blake Goldberg ’82
Nicole Goldberg
George and Barbie Gonzalez
Mark and Kristine Grace
Thomas and Mayumi Griffin
Rajneesh and Anjna Grover
Karen Gundersen-Nutting and Corrie Nutting
Jae and Seunghee Han
Marc and Kim Harrington
Maeve Harris
Roger and Shelly Hebert
Gary and Jennifer Henkel
Eric Henning and Renee Houston
Brian and Jody Hickey
Samuel and Kathleen Hinz
Mark Hood and Linda Lee
Sam Hosier and Cassandra Richardson
Greg Howell ’89
Patricia Hunter
Sharon Hurt ◊
Salvador and Maria Ibanez de Opakua
Juan and Sarah Iregui
Manuel and Chiarina Iregui
David Iverson and Kathryn Castleberry
Thomas and Laurie Jackson
Celia Jacobson-Congdon and Andrew Congdon
Michael ’81 and Christa Jankelson
Martha and Nathan Jones
Brooke Brakke Judge ’97 ◊ and Robert Judge
Richard and Audry Kahlstrom
Sandra Karwhite
Rajendra and Nandini Katti
James and Wendy Kelly
Varun and Marilyn Khanna
Steve and Jennifer Knowles
Thomas and Jean Kraabel
Robert and Lily Kregenow
Ravi Kumar and Hetal Kothari
Michael and Jessica Kuluz
Jeffrey and Anjali Kunz
Manuel and Silvia La Rosa
Neeraj and Yogita Lalwani
Jon ◊ and Elizabeth Lamoreux
Charles A. and Charlotte C. Larson
David and Cynthia Lauman
Brad Lawson and Tereasa Gandhi
Koomin and Eojin Lee
Tefang Lee and Mingfen Chen
Tobias and Yukiko Lee
Kendall McGuire Leith ’90 and Joseph Leith Π
Denise Levine

Faxian Li and Lei Bao
Suyang Li and Vicki Chen-Li
Yongjun Li and Qin Huang
Teri Jo and Dale Lientz
Scott Limoli and Wendy Welch
Douglas and Jeanette Lineberry
Hongji and Mingxia Liu
Timothy and Debby Lord
Ohad and Kate Lowy
The Lundberg Family
Stephen and Rebecca Macejak
Marcela MacNaughton
Chad and Joanna Manning
John and Sun Marley
William Martin and Soyoung Han
Richard and Sally Martinez
Dean and Julie Mastras
Joe ’88 and Gloria Mayer ∆
James Mburu and Irene Njoroge
Drew and Christina McDougall
Jeffrey and Dawn McElvain
Mindy McGrath ◊
The McKee Family
  in honor of the Middle School faculty and staff
Mason and Ellen McKinley
Rita Irvin and Sands McKinley
Lauren ◊ and Emily McMason
Janice Meador
Anna and David Meadowcroft ’84
Shannon Michlitsch
Richard and Ellen Middleton
David and Mary Minsk
Michael ◊ and Katie Moffitt
Alex Mohit and Roberta Polk
Shannon Morris
Glenn Morrison
Rajiv and Jamie Nagaich
Jodi and Jeff Nagy
Karen and Sven Nelson
Ronald Newark ’65
Gabriel Newton ◊
Bich Ngoc Nguyen
Arash Niazi and Rebecca Blaine-Niazi
Kyung and Youjin Noh
Carie Olsen ◊
Eirik and Jane O’Neal
Michael and Katharine Opitz
John and Lynne Parrott
Natalie Pasco and Richard Houldsworth
Rahul and Tanvi Patel
William and Carla Pelster
Kris and Rosemary Peterson
Michael Peterson and Mimy Eng
Edward and Beatrice Pettis
Justin and Jill Piasecki
Charles and Tammy Piatok
Scheila Pikes
Philippe and Loubna Pla
Mason and Cindy Platt
Travis and Danielle Podbilski
Dwight and Bess Poehlmann
David Portnow
Jordan and Melanie Potter
Jessie Price
Amber Pstrag and Anthony Recasner
Cliff and Jackie Quisenberry ∆ ƒ
Alicia Ramirez-Dueker
Brendan and Kyna Raney
Rachel ◊ and D.J. Rippl
Walter and Amy Ritscher
Fanny Roberts
Steven and Nicole Rode
Mark and Jennifer Rosales
Lanora and Charles Rosenberry
Craig and Deliah Rouse
Neil and Charlotte Russell
Stephen ◊ and Jennifer Saalfeld
Scott and Katie Sabo
Larry and Myounghee Sack
Bahman and Debra Saffari
Anthony Saletan and Jill Rosenthal ∆
  in honor of Dr. J. Robert Rosenthal and Gladys Rosenthal
Joseph and Feng Sam
Singha Samanmit and Esther Shi
Harley and Nora Sandoval
Dennis and Tamara Sarroza
Nancy and Roderic Schauer
Benjamin ’88 and Deb Sclair
Ryan and Rachel Scott
William and Tatyana Searcy
James and Erin Seefeldt
Amy ◊ and Terran Senftleben
Hakan and Susan Sezgin
Joseph and Bonnie Shorin
Arjan and Navroop Sidhu
John and Michelle Simmer
  in honor of Devin Beach Kahiau Simmer ’19
William and Sara Simonson
Suraj and Erica Singh
Chris and Michele Slaughter
Matthew and Jennifer Smith
  in honor of Sadie ’24 and Cora ’27
Mike and Cheri Smith
John and Elizabeth Snyder
Christine Spataro
Thomas Steinert
Gary Stewart
Melanie Stewart
Jeffrey and Nicole Stice
Hans and Kathryn Stoker Π ∆
Melissa L. Stoltenberg
James and Mona Stone
Arthur Strum and Carmiña Palerm
Jafar and Sudi Taghavi
Ian and Heather Toner
Alton Tran and Phuong Nguyen
Deanne ◊  and Dwaine Trummert
Barb Dobler Tucci ’84 and Tim Tucci Π ∆
Craig and Kelley Turner
Pernelle and Ashley Turnipseed
Jenny and Rick Unruh
Richard and Delia Urbon
Andrea Veatch
Ann Vogel ◊ and Keith Palmer
Keiko Wada ’80 and Jan Erik Sundbom
Lorin Walker and James Eder
Brian and Emily Wallace
Gang Wang and Qin Shi
Ken Wang and Alexandra Weeks
Xiaoping Wang and Yanqing Zeng
Zhiqian Wang and Yunyun Liu
Scott and Marlene Warfield
Ramona Warren
Laurel ◊ and Thomas Webster
David and Gina Weigel
David and Lori Weller
Brian and Elsie Wescott
Bill ◊ and Leslie White Π
Brian White ’00 and Saraid Faville-White ◊  
Verita Whitman
Ko Wibowo and Iesabella Ariawan
Trevor ’93 and Cassandra Will
Greg Wissing
Charles and Lisa Woodstock
  in honor of Mary D. Woodstock
David and Eleanor Wrench
Chad and Heather Wright
Shaofan and Xuemei Xu
Sean Yean and Hong Ngov
Kyeong Yoon and Ran Hwang
Weijian Zhang and Xiaoling Feng
Yongsheng Zhang and Yingchun Qi
Aaron Zima and Joanne Torres


Anonymous (3)
Anonymous Π ∆
  in honor of CWA Faculty
Wilson Abbott and Hunter Davis
Sanjay and Deepika Agrawal
Majeed Al-Mateen and Lillian Koblenz
Barry Anton
Sheila Ashley
Marilyn § and Tom Baker Π
Katherine Barclay-Robertson
Ruth § and Ron Beck Π
Robert and Kathleen Bennett Π
Sander and Sandra Bergman Π
Adam and Claire Birnbaum
Lisa Block
Noel Blyler ◊ and Marion Sharp
Nancy § and Robert Brakke Π
John and Sheila Brink
Antonio and Adina Brito
Deborah Buttorff
James ’67 and Susanna Buttorff
Loralie Byrer
Timothy and Kristi Canfield
Douglas and Cynthia Chaney
  in memory of Mary K. Long
Paul and Florence Chang,
  on behalf of Timothy Chang ’12
Bradbury Cheney ’77 and Carolyn Irwin Cheney ’80 Π ∆
C.W. Clark § and Jill Nordfors Clark Π
  in memory of Bob Minnerly §
Bruce and Penelope Cleland
Hollie Coates-Seamster and Rob Seamster
Virginia Collins
John § and Suzanne Cousins Π
Dr. Charles and Mrs. Kathryn Dale
Steven Daniels § and Chris Cross Π
James and Margaret Davis
Thomas and Patricia Davis Π
Bruce and Virginia Dees Π
Nicholas and Rochelle Derrough
John and Diane Dimmer
Charles and Michelle Donner
Brian Duchin Π
Susan Ebalo ◊
Eve Engnoth
Coleman and Lilia Fannin
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Farmer, Jr.
Jon Flies ◊ and Judy Thorne
John Forier ◊ and Heidi Huckins ◊
Barbara Fox Π
Craig and Claudia Fransen
Jay and Leonor Fuller
  on behalf of Evan ’07 and Sean ’11 Fuller
Dana Ghilarducci Gaume ’83
Zheng Ge and Lucy Zhou
Laura Giddings ’80 and Charles Schilling Π
Elizabeth "Pudd" and Lee Gingrich Π
  in honor of Neil Biermann
George and Barbie Gonzalez
Bruce § and Antoinette Haertl Π
Mark ’70 and Nancy Haley Π
Tanya Hammer
Kenric Hammond
Harry and Sandra Haroldson Π
 in honor of Brittany Haroldson Brown and Reagan Haroldson ’08
Barbara Headley ’75 and Nicholas Malden ’75
Judith ◊ and Robert Herrington Π
Samuel and Kathleen Hinz
Bruce and Arlene Hogan
Cecelia Holmes
Tsu-Liang and Lein-Chun Hsu Π
Naomi Huddlestone
Diane ◊ and James Hunt Π
Charlie Hyde III ’70 Π
Thomas and Laurie Jackson
Celia Jacobson-Congdon and Andrew Congdon
Jeff and Gina James
Michael ’81 and Christa Jankelson
Dwight and Pamela Jewson Π ∆
Paul and Alice Kaltinick Π
Reed Kelley ’80 and Laurie Osmers Kelley ’82 Π ∆
Steve and Jennifer Knowles
Jeanne Kussmann
Stephen and Natalie LaBerge
Sue § and Bob LaFraugh Π
Linda Lamb
Donn Laughlin § Π
Gil ◊ and Lisa LeFrancois Π
  on behalf of Sarah ’10 and Alex ’14 LeFrancois
John ◊ and Tanya Lemma
Barbara Lile-Duzsik
  in honor of Jacob Duzsik ’00

Bruce and Barbara Lind Π
Gary Long
John ’64 § and Camille Long Π
Roger and Roz Lueck-Mammen
Bruce ’71 and Margaret Macdonald Π
Duncan MacNaughton
  in honor of Zoe MacNaughton ’27
Alan and Jane Macpherson  Π
  in memory of Mary K. Long
Warren and Elizabeth Martin
Frederick ’68 and Dianne Matthaei Π
Sue and Jim Mayer
Kurt* and Pamela Mayer Π ∆
  in honor of Joe Mayer ’88
Peter and Kristine McLean
Anna and David Meadowcroft ’84
George and Nilmah Mills Π
  in memory of Mary K. Long
Sherry and Wayne Mondou
Robert Mortensen § Π
Kathryn § and Allen Munn Π
James Murray ’74 and Sandra Buell Murray ’75 Π
Tom Murray * Π ∆
Toby ’71 and Laurie Murray Π
Rajiv and Jamie Nagaich
Vo Nguyen and Sonia Lim
Stephen ’74 and Rita Nielsen ∆
Jim and Linda Nyberg
James Olp and Sue Weston
Stephen and Ginger Olsen
Eileen Osborne Π
Anne (Mantel) Percival
William and Therese Peterson Π
Philip and Gwen Phibbs
David Portnow
Nancy Powell and Paul Kirschner Π ∆
Cliff and Jackie Quisenberry ƒ ∆
Melchor Refuerzo
Fanny Roberts
Robert and Marie Robinson
  in honor of Judith Robinson and Kaitlyn Flugga ’18
William and Patricia Rush Π ∆
Kathryn Ryan ◊ and Bart Gummere
Bahman and Debra Saffari
Roy and Roberta Salton
Joseph and Feng Sam
Harley and Nora Sandoval
Edgar § and Diana* Sanford Π
Lawrence and Ruby Sant
Randy ◊ and Kim ◊ Scafturon
Mary Lou Sclair
Katharine Davis Severson ’74 and Gary Severson ƒ Π ∆
Hakan and Susan Sezgin
Douglas and Alice Sharp Π
Kaylene Shomber
Joseph and Bonnie Shorin
Roxanne Skokin
  in honor of Kim ’12 and Jack ’15 Skokin
Virginia Smith Π
Joon and Veronica Song
Dale and Mary Beth Sowell Π
Mark and Diane Spaur
Robert and Kathryn Spence Π ∆
Stan and Judy Stearns
Thomas Steinert
Kathleen Stockman
Hans and Kathryn Stoker Π ∆
Daphne Mackey and George Thompson
Molly Tuohy
John Ullis
Shan and Steven Vipond
Ann Vogel ◊ and Keith Palmer
Judith and G. Corydon * Wagner III Π
Deedra Walkey
Ramona Warren
John and Patricia Whalley ƒ Π ∆
Paul and Gail Wham ƒ Π
  in honor of Jacob ’02 and Aaron ’04 Wham
Bill ◊ and Leslie White Π
Verita Whitman
Ko Wibowo and Iesabella Ariawan
Kerri Wilcox ◊
Jamie ’65 and Sally Will ƒ Π ∆
Elizabeth and Joseph Williams ∆
Karla ◊ and Scott Winship
Todd ’71 and Nancy Wyatt Π
Shaofan and Xuemei Xu
David M. and Barbara Young Π
Lorraine Whitney Young ’79 and Thomas Young Π
Yongsheng Zhang and Yingchun Qi


Geraldine Albright
Billie Barnes
Rick and Josephine Bayard
Mads and Susan Bjerre
Mary Bocook
Bernard Bordenick
Chris Bottimore
Nancy § and Robert Brakke Π
Carol Bruda
Kil Pyo and Sung-Hae Cho
L. Darrell and Cathy Cochran
Benjamin and Eliza Lily Corrales
Durive Croake
Frederick and Donna DeYoung
Loretta Diallo
Frank and Linda Donofrio
Kenneth and Donna Dueker
Cliff Ellenwood
David and Cathy Faestel
Steve and Elin Failla
Jake and Mary Faircloth
Richard and Jane Flemming
Dick and Karen Fournier
Donna Adams Gilpin
  in memory of George Weyerhaeuser Jr. ’72
Guy and Dianne Gullino
Don and Joy Gustafson
Herbert and Monika Hallman
Rosemary Hashimoto
Al and Jan Hay
Naomi Huddlestone
Marie Johnson
Sam and Barbara Kessel
Sang Soo and Kyong Kim
Charles A. and Charlotte C. Larson
Duncan MacNaughton
  in honor of Zoe MacNaughton ’27
Kurt* and Pamela Mayer Π ∆
  in honor of Joe Mayer ‘88
Patrick and Aileen McGoldrick
Robert and Gill Mercer

John and Hilda Morrison
William and Claire Moultrie
Brian and Margie Nyman
Rencio and Pacita Ongoco
Genevieve Pasco-Smith
A. Paul Pelela
Philip and Gwen Phibbs
Barry and Peggy Protage
Robert and Marie Robinson
  in honor of Judith Robinson and Kaitlyn Flugga ’18
Roxy Robinson
J. Robert* and Gladys Rosenthal
  in honor of Emily Saletan ’19
John and Patricia Rosenwald ∆
  in honor of Stephanie Shorin ’17
Beverly Rush Π
William and Patricia Rush Π ∆
K. Joyce Salatino
Sid Schuman
  in honor of Aspasia Craig ’24 and Harlow Craig ’22
Mary Lou Sclair
Jeff and Carol Seel
Dennis Simonson
Richard and Beverly Slocum
Ray and Cheryl Stanley
John Stocking
Hans and Kathryn Stoker Π ∆
James and Mona Stone
Peter Swift and Diana McCargo
Cal Tanson
John and Shellie Turner
Mary Lou Forier and John Wahl
Carter and Betty Wells
  in honor of Evan Minsk ’17
David and Julia Whiston
  in honor of Sharon Hurt and family
Bill ◊ and Leslie White Π
Velena Whitman-Norris
Jamie ’65 and Sally Will ƒ Π ∆
Michael and Marilyn Wilson
  in honor of Noah Wilson ’23
Harry and Sandie Wingard
  in honor of Dana Trummert’23


Established in 1996 by Bob Minnerly (headmaster from 1986 to 1996), the Society of Elders is a vibrant group of retired and past CWA faculty and staff. The SOEs are committed to sharing their bonds with the school, each other, and the new members who “graduate.”

Marilyn § and Tom Baker Π
Ruth § and Ron Beck Π
Nancy § Robert Brakke Π
C.W. Clark § and Jill Nordfors Clark Π
  in memory of Bob Minnerly §
John § and Suzanne Cousins Π
Steven Daniels § and Chris Cross Π
Bruce § and Antoinette Haertl Π
Lynn § and Mike Hancock  
  in memory of Marg and Tony Mahar
Charmian Jondall § and Samuel McCormick
Phyllis Kriese Π §

Sue § and Bob LaFraugh Π
Donn Laughlin Π §
John ’64 § and Camille Long § Π
Susan § and Kevin Mihata Π
Robert Mortensen Π §
Kathryn § and Allen Munn Π
Edgar § and Diana* Sanford Π
Barbara J. Smith §
Miles Struxness § and Pam Parish
Wes Westby Π §
  in memory of Mary K. Long
Howard § and Clarice Wouters Π