Founders’ Society


Our Founders’ Society honors donors who believe in the school’s mission and sustain it through their planned gifts. We thank them for extending legacies for learning.

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∏ Loyal Tarriers Society | ∆ Society of Lifetime Giving

Joseph and Kjeri Boyle
Samuel* and Nathalie* Brown ∆
Jack and Lowell* Butson ∆
Robert ◊ and Sharon Camner Π ∆
Charles* and Amy Lou* Eckstrom ∆
Philip Edlund ’96 Π
Gregory Fisher
John and Mary Folsom ∆
Charles ’65 and Susan Frank Π
Catherine Richter Herrod ’71 and Newby Herrod
Otis* and Charles* Hyde Sr.
Bernice Keyes* ∆
John C.* and Mary K.* Long ∆ Π
Donald* and Charlotte* Macdonald ∆

Duane* and Dorothy* O’Farrell
Cliff and Jackie Quisenberry ∆
Aaron Reynolds ’73* ∆
Bruce Romig
Katharine Davis Severson ’74 and Gary Severson ∆ Π
Barry ’65 and Donna Sheridan ∆ Π
Herman Tenzler* ∆
Leigh VanEtten* § ∆
Karma VanGelder
Wendy* and George Weyerhaeuser Sr. ∆ Π
John and Patricia Whalley ∆ Π
Paul and Gail Wham Π
Kenneth ’77 and Kari Whitney Π
Warland* and Virginia* Wight ∆ 
Fred and Ingrid Willis