Gifts in Honor of


◊ CWA employee | * deceased | § Society of Elders | ƒ Founders’ Society |
∏ Loyal Tarriers Society | ∆ Society of Lifetime Giving

Neil Biermann ◊ Π
Elizabeth ("Pudd") and Lee Gingrich Π
Mike Callow §
Ingrid Elliott ’88 and Joel Shapiro  ∆
Robert Camner ◊ ƒ Π ∆
Connor Quisenberry ’14
Patricia Crouch
William and Kenda Bulley
Claire ’24 and Angus ’27 Cuthbert
Joel Cuthbert and Ann Pittier
CWA Faculty
Ronnie James Dio
David Barrett and Sunyoung Yoon
Sam Harris
Ian and Heather Toner
Sharon Hurt and family
David and Julia Whiston
Jared Khanna ’18
Varun and Marilyn Khanna
Dee Knight §Π
Wayne Dodge ’68 and Larry Kreisman Π
Donn Laughlin § Π
Wayne Dodge ’68 and Larry Kreisman Π
Debra Leach
Ian and Heather Toner
Sam ’18 and Sofie ’21 Levine
Roberta Levine
John Long ’64 § Π
Broughton Coburn ’69 and Didi Thunder
James Gerber ’64
Brooke Brakke Judge ’97 ◊ and Robert Judge
Abby Lowy ’25
Louie and Julie Orlando
Zoe MacNaughton ’27
Duncan MacNaughton
Joe Mayer ’88
Pamela Mayer Π ∆

Middle School Faculty and Staff
Dale and Angela McKee
Evan Minsk ’17
Carter and Betty Wells
My past professors and coaches
Zachary Hinz ’14
Leon Phillips ◊
Hasanah McCauley ’16
Judith Robinson ‘92 and Kaitlyn Flugga ’18
Robert and Marie Robinson
Robotics Team Win
Eric Spear ’15
J. Robert* and Gladys Rosenthal
Anthony Saletan and Jill Rosenthal ∆
Emily Saletan ’19
J. Robert* and Gladys Rosenthal
Stephanie Shorin ’17
John and Patricia Rosenwald ∆
Devin Beach Kahiau Simmer ’19
John and Michelle Simmer
Kim ’12 and Jack ’15 Skokin
Roxanne Skokin
Sadie ’24 and Cora ’27 Smith
Matthew and Jennifer Smith
Jacob Duzsik ’00
Barbara Lile-Duzsik
Dana Trummert ’23
Harry and Sandie Wingard
Ann Vogel ◊
William and Donna Vogel
Sarah Weyerhaeuser
Jim and Kay Mabie Π ∆
Jacob ’02 and Aaron ’04 Wham
Paul and Gail Wham ƒ Π
Alec ’13 and Jacob ’13 Willis
Fred and Ingrid Willis ƒ
Noah Wilson ’23
Michael and Marilyn Wilson
Mary D. Woodstock
Charles and Lisa Woodstock