Gifts in Honor of


◊ CWA employee | * deceased | § Society of Elders | ƒ Founders’ Society |
∏ Loyal Tarriers Society | ∆ Society of Lifetime Giving

Candy Anderson  
Deborah Buttorff
Eric Anton ’04         
Barry Anton
Noel Blyler ◊           
Kiana Taghavi ’17
Colin Caley ’17
Tammy Caley
Timothy Chang ‘12
Paul and Florence Chang
Eunah Choi ’19       
Signet Systems Inc
   Sang Ho and MiYoung Choi
Class of 1986          
David Jensen ’86 Π
Class of 1980          
Cheryl Ritter Metro ’80
Class of 1974          
Kimberly Smart ’74
Elizabeth Weyerhaeuser
The Cochran Kids  
Darrell and Wendy Cochran
Harlow Craig  ’22   
Aspasia Craig  ’24  
Charen Cruz ‘19     
Abelardo and Natacia Cruz
Jake Duzsik ’00      
Barbara Lile-Duzsik
Logan Paul Faestel ‘23
David and Cathy Faestel
Maddie ‘19, Josh ‘23, Jim Albers , and Mackensie Fisher ‘23       
Patrick and Aileen McGoldrick
MacNeil C. Fransen ‘05    
Craig and Claudia Fransen
Sean Fuller ’11       
Evan Fuller ’07
Fuller & Fuller Attorneys
   Jay and Leonor Fuller
Brittany Haroldson Brown ’99 and Reagan Haroldson       
Harry and Sandra Haroldson Π

Kit Herrod ’71 ƒ      
Debby Richter-Pepper
Sharon Hurt , Declan ’17 and Gray ’19 Davidson   
David and Julia Whiston
David Kangas       
Erika Kreger ’88
Dee Knight * § Π and Donn Laughlin Π
Wayne Dodge ’68 and Larry Kreisman Π
Dee Knight * § Π
Peter and Kristine McLean
Yuyi Liu ’19 
Hongji and Mingxia Liu
The Mantel Kids    
Anne (Mantel) Percival
Billy ’16 and Liz ’09 Peterson    
William and Therese Peterson Π
Ashlyn Podbilski ’29         
Ray and Cheryl Stanley
Elizabeth Saffer ’25           
Ted § and Diana Sanford Π         
Sidney and Meg Eaton
Denis Searcy ’17
Kristofer Searcy ’17
William and Tatyana Searcy
Stephanie Shorin ’17        
John and Patricia Rosenwald ∆
Caleb Spataro ‘30  
Dale Bertucci
John Buchalski
A. Paul Pelela
Christine Spataro
Frank and Julie Spataro
Carolyn Wilsie
Blake Stoltenberg ’17
Charles and Charlotte Larson
Dana Trummert ’23           
Harry and Sandie Wingard
Richard Urbon ’17
Richard and Delia Urbon
Noah ’23 and Nathan ’25 Wilson           
Michael and Marilyn Wilson