Gifts in Kind


◊ CWA employee | * deceased | § Society of Elders | ƒ Founders’ Society |
∏ Loyal Tarriers Society | ∆ Society of Lifetime Giving

Alaska Weathervane Seafood
James and Mona Stone
Edward and Jane Beck
Marcia Brixey
Darrell and Wendy Cochran
Paul and Charlotte Corddry
CORT Party Rentals
Kendall McGuire Leith ’90 and Joseph Leith
Jeffery and Kristen Iverson
David LaBerge and Janice Lawry
Narrows Brewing
Matthew and Jennifer Smith
Pacific Brewing and Malting
Trevor ’93 and Cassandra Will
Cliff and Jackie Quisenberry ƒ ∆

RAM International
Jeffery and Kristen Iverson
David Iverson
Brendan and Kyna Raney
Sound Screening Services
Christina Dobler ’77 and Gonzalo Fernandez ∆
Kathy Dobler ’79 and Dave Dearth Π ∆
Barb Dobler Tucci ’84 and Tim Tucci Π ∆
Jay and JoAnne Tees
Douglas ’77 and Patty Tenzler
TLB Events, LLC
Two Dogs Barking Productions
Charles ’72 and Kerri O’Farrell
Voodoo Media
Trevor ’93 and Cassandra Will
Peter and Marylu Wallerich