Every spring, students in grades junior kindergarten through five run laps around Haertl Field to raise funds toward Lower School extracurricular activities such as classroom parties, recess equipment, the Valentine’s Day craft fair, and other programming to help supplement money received from the Fund for Charles Wright Academy. We are grateful to the parents, grandparents, teachers, staff, and friends of our Lower Schoolers for volunteering their time and pledging funds toward this Tarrier tradition!

◊ CWA employee | * deceased | § Society of Elders | ƒ Founders’ Society |
∏ Loyal Tarriers Society | ∆ Society of Lifetime Giving

Paul Achorn
Gavan and Shoshona Albright
Aaron Anderson
Al Anderson
Justin and Robyn Anderson
Rose Anwar
Cheryl Bailey
Christopher and Bobbie Bailey
Ben and Nurhan Barcus
Mary Basballe
Ian and Kerryn Battye
Gordon and Rebecca Beatte
Chad and Trisha Bender
Charles Bender
Laura Bender
Mark and Deborah Bergman
Jessica Berry
Catharine Beyer
Allan and Sydney Bortel
Kevin and Patricia Bozich
Nancy § and Robert Brakke Π
Mary Brown-Rice
Jack Bryant
Mike Bryant
Libby Buelt
Claudia Cappo
Craig Cappo
Donna Carlson
Sarah Carruthers
Eileen Chastain
Caralee Cheney
Candace Chiapusio
Shari Christie
Debbie Clark
Ann Clough
James Cobb
Darrell and Wendy Cochran
Robert and Linnea Cole
Cathy Conrad
Carl Conway
Nathan and Jessica Conway
George Cook
Laura Schuman Craig
Joyce Cruz
Joel Cuthbert and Ann Pittier
Jeff and Sue Cutting
Frederick and Donna DeYoung
Lucy DeYoung
Daniel and Clarisa Dobler
Cy Dofitas
Patrianne Domingo
Charles and Michelle Donner
Julia Donner ’11
Miriam Donner ’14
Kathleen Dorr
Doug and Kathy Dorr
Stephie Duffy
Michelle Duffy
Nicole Echaves
Jim and Jane Eubank
The Desjardins Family
Nancy Farrell
Gigi Fauntleroy
Johnny and Jennifer Fisher
Gerald and Judy Flaskerud
John Forier ◊ and Heidi Huckins ◊
Mary Forier
Dick and Karen Fournier
Kendra Fournier
Ryan and Jenni Fournier
Sandhya Garg
Angela Garner
Linda Gerenz
Gopal Ghimire and Jyotshana Shrestha
Prabina Ghimire
Stephanie Gianarelli
Todd Gianarelli
Gregory and Dorothea Gicewicz
Mark Gildenhar
Mirria Gonzalez
Jeff Gregory
Jo Gregory
Roger Gregory
Thomas and Mayumi Griffin
Pam Harris
Peter and Jean Harrison
Steve Hazlerig
Gary and Jennifer Henkel
Caren Hergenroeder
Concepcion Hernandez
Dani Hesse
Jacquelyn Heye
Veerpal Hothi
Carrol Howard
Sarah Howard
Richard Hunt
Bryan and Lynnette Hunt
Michelle Hyde
Julie Ingram
Marvin and Giulia Johnson
Brooke Brakke Judge ’97 ◊ and Robert Judge
Tanya Kangas-Niemi
Mary Kelly
Calvin Kim and Amy Hwang-Kim
Prakash and Kiran Kothari
Niket Kothari
Prakash Kothari
Jean Kuluz
Michael and Jessica Kuluz
Ravi Kumar and Hetal Kothari

Terry and Beth Lambright
Jon ◊  and Elizabeth Lamoreux
David and Cynthia Lauman
Joanne Levy
Carley Lovejoy
Loraine Lovejoy-Evans
Ohad and Kate Lowy
Shimon Lowy
Debbie Marburger
Rosanna Marino
Krista Marshall
Thad Martin
Kelly McCoy
Gwen McInnes
Jim McInnis
Tami McKerrow
Michelle Mclelland
Christine Michaud
Barbara Moeller
Ardys Morgan
John and Hilda Morrison
Jaron Newman
Mark and Dulce Ngo
Liz Ngo
Steven Ngo
Catherine Ngo-Wilde
Cecilia Nguyen
Don Nyberg
Brian and Margie Nyman
Renee Ogden
Carie Olsen ◊
Carolyn Opitz
Chris Opitz
Michael and Katharine Opitz
Julie Orlando
Howard Orlean and Grechen Schmidt
Terry Osipow
Amber Osland
Gen Owens
Michael Peterson and Mimy Eng
Judy Peterson
Kyle Peterson
Robin Peterson
Matthew Philichi
David and Cheryl Pratt
Matt Quigley
Normis Radcliffe
Adam Ralston
Ellis and Elliot Richardson
Rexene Robbins
Roxy Robinson
Steven and Nicole Rode
Jeff Rogers
Lauren Rozzano
Mara Rozzano
Sarah Huddleston Saffer ’97 and Christopher Saffer
Dennis and Tamara Sarroza
Joanne Sarroza
Carolyn Schanberger
Alex Schatz
Don Schreiber
Nancy Schuman
Benjamin ’88 and Deb Sclair
Brenna J. Sclair
Ryan and Rachel Scott
Stefani Sharma
Jaya Shrestha
Arjan and Navroop Sidhu
Dennis Simonson
William and Sara Simonson
Charlie Simonson
Bud and Linda Simpson
Anil Singh
Suraj and Erica Singh
Beverly Slocum
Matthew and Jennifer Smith
Lenny and Lynn Snyder
`Tracy Snyder
Susan Spencer
Nicolas and Luciene Speros
Ray and Cheryl Stanley
Al and Marie Stedman
Michelle Steiney
Douglas and Valerie Sutherland
Demetra Tann
Chloe Tanner
Christopher and Melissa Tebrock
Bev Thomas
Aaron Zima and Joanne Torres
Craig and Kelley Turner
John and Shellie Turner
Jen Tweet
Andrea Veatch
Carolyn Wallace
Jaylene Weaver
Carolyn Weber
Matthew Weigel
Brian and Elsie Wescott
Todd Wescott
Steve and Jen White
Trevor ’93 and Cassandra Will
Jamie ’65 and Sally Will ƒ Π ∆
Bryce and Melissa Wilson
Michael and Marilyn Wilson
Margee Wolfe
Vanessa Woodside
Chad and Heather Wright
Angela Zanaboni
Jason Zenk