Every spring, students in grades junior kindergarten through five run laps around Haertl Field to raise funds toward Lower School extracurricular activities such as classroom parties, recess equipment, the Valentine’s Day craft fair, and other programming to help supplement money received from the Fund for Charles Wright Academy. We are grateful to the parents, grandparents, teachers, staff, and friends of our Lower Schoolers for volunteering their time and pledging funds toward this Tarrier tradition!

◊ CWA employee | * deceased | § Society of Elders | ƒ Founders’ Society |
∏ Loyal Tarriers Society | ∆ Society of Lifetime Giving

Ahmad Abadullah and Shazia Ahmad
Paul Achorn
Carlos Amador
Patty Amador
Chris and Ian Avery
Ben and Nurhan Barcus
Arlene Barrow
Mary Basballe
Ian and Kerryn Battye
Peter Bortel and Christiane Robinson-Bortel
Rebecca Boucher
Kevin and Patricia Bozich
Tim and Kathy Bracken
Jim and Glenys Brakke
Nancy and Robert Brakke Π
Peter and Julie Brink
Bud Brock
Mary Brown
Lori Bryant
Glenn and Elizabeth Buelt
Janine Bural
Charles and Jean Burgess
Todd and Heather Burgess
Ronald and Trudy Bussinger
Jan Carlson
Sarah and Greg Carruthers
Mariska Castillo
Preaw and Gary Chan
Eileen Chastain
Caralee Cheney
Shirley Chrisman
Darrell and Wendy Cochran
Mary Beth ◊ and John Cole
Robert and Linnea Cole
Joseph and Cathy Conrad
Joshua and Veronica Conrad
Nathan and Jessica Conway
Carl Conway
Linda Cooper
Roxy Corrales
Laura Schuman Craig
Joel Cuthbert and Ann Pittier
Jeff and Sue Cutting
Doreen and Donn Dale
Barbara Dauerty
Neil Derksen
Al and Donna DeYoung
Lucy DeYoung
Mara Doersch
Charles and Michelle Donner
Sean and Michelle Eagan
Sancar and Pelin Eke
Jim and Jane Eubank
Andrew Evans ’05
Linda Evans
Johnny and Jennifer Fisher
Roy and Joanne Flint
Valerie Fluetsch
John Forier ◊ and Heidi Huckins ◊
Mark Forier
Dick and Karen Fournier
Ryan and Jenni Fournier
MaryAnne and Tom Geskie
Gregory and Dorothea Gicewicz
Dr. Mark Gildenhar
Michael and Mirria Gonzalez
Roger Gregory
Jo Gregory
Jeff Gregory
Thomas and Mayumi Griffin
Amber Groves
Dick and Joan Hanley
Kathy Hansen
Jessica Heinrich
Caren Hergenroeder
Dani Hesse
Pam and Bill Hill
Mark Hood and Linda Lee
Sarah Howard
Lynnette and Bryan Hunt
Gaizka Ibanez de Opakua
Salvador and Maria Ibanez de Opakua
Intermountain Industries Petroglyph Energy Foundation, Inc.
Juan and Sarah Iregui
Jeffery and Susan Iverson
Marvin and Giulia Johnson
Libby Johnson
Bob and Nancy Judge
Brooke Brakke Judge ’97 ◊ and Robert Judge
Tim Kelly and Lisa Johnson
Mary Kelly
Joe Kelly
Bill Kelly
Robert Kennedy
Rebecca Kennedy
Antony and Ji Yon Kim
Mary King
Mary Kopp
Michael and Jessica Kuluz
Vince Kuluz
Jeffrey and Anjali Kunz
Fred and Kathy Kunz
Terry and Beth Lambright
Jon ◊ and Elizabeth Lamoreux
Linda and Jim Lees
Douglas and Jeanette Lineberry
Ohad and Kate Lowy

Marina Lowy
Robert Manning and Pineku Kihoi
Cole and Holly Mason
Tadako Matsuno
Jill McCurdy
Patrick and Aileen McGoldrick
Jim McInnis
Lauren ◊ and Emily McMason
Erika Meboe
Barbara Moeller
Char Naylor
Mark Nelson and Jennifer Flint-Nelson
James and Carolyn Nelson
Gabriel ◊ and Kornelija Newton
Cecilia Nguyen
Lori Noel
Kyung and Youjin Noh
Don Nyberg
Brian and Margie Nyman
Tyler and Tawnya Nyman
Renee Ogden
Rencio and Pacita Ongoco
Dr. and Mrs. James Opitz
Michael and Katharine Opitz
Chris Opitz
Louie and Julie Orlando
Howard Orlean and Grechen Schmidt
Shay Painter
Kathy Panatone
Connor Peterson
Julie Peterson
Judy Peterson
Kyle Peterson
Michael Peterson and Mimy Eng
Robin Peterson
Edward and Beatrice Pettis
Christina Phelan
Tassi Preston
Linda Price
Barry and Peggy Protage
Susheela and Pramila Rajanna
Shannon Rice
Shem and Nicole Rode
Mark and Jennifer Rosales
Sunil and Aruna Roy
Leslie Rozzano
D. Rozzano
Michelle Saalfeld
Stephen ◊ and Jennifer Saalfeld
Ms. Toby Saalfeld
Scott and Katie Sabo
Alex Schatz
Wayne Schofield
Baba Schuman
Joe Schuman
Gramma Schuman
Jennifer Schuman Berger
Jon and Patty Schoppe
Jim Seley
Amy ◊ and Terran Senftleben
Barb Senftleben
Paul Senftleben
Annie Senner ◊
Judy Seyl
Naren and Susan Shaker
DeVan and Sally Shannon
Garrett Shanon
Karen and Brian Simmons
Stephanie Simmons
William and Sara Simonson
Bud and Linda Simpson
Radha and Anil Singh
Suraj and Erica Singh
Steve and Melody Snyder
Jeffrey and Nicole Stice
Tifani and Todd Strane
Tessa Stranik
Ivana and Chris Sullivan
Preston and Lori Sullivan
Paul and Janis Sweet
Jennifer Taylor
Christopher and Melissa Tebrock
Cassidy Temple
Bev Thomas
Jack Thomas
Sherry Trimble
Craig and Kelley Turner
Glen Turner
John and Shellie Turner
Sue Turner
John Wells
Brian and Elsie Wescott
Larry and Randi Wescott
Jason Whalen
Bill ◊ and Leslie White Π
Brandon White ’10
Jen and Steve White
Justin White ’98
Trevor ’93 and Cassandra Will
Lissa Wilson
Michael and Marilyn Wilson
Harry and Sandie Wingard
Kathy Wingard
Karla ◊ and Scott Winship
Chad and Heather Wright
Harriet and Andy Zamudio
Aaron Zima and Joanne Torres