Loyal Tarriers Society


The Loyal Tarriers Society at Charles Wright Academy was established in 2015 to honor those whose generosity spans decades. These philanthropic leaders represent the most steadfast of our benefactors whose impact provides the foundation of critical annual support.

Membership in the Loyal Tarriers Society represents those who have given consistently for 20 years or more to the school. Permanent membership is granted after a benefactor has earned a place in the society.

Teaching and learning at Charles Wright Academy is dependent on our Loyal Tarriers Society members, and we are deeply grateful for their longtime friendship and generosity.

◊ CWA employee | * deceased | § Society of Elders | ƒ Founders’ Society |
∏ Loyal Tarriers Society | ∆ Society of Lifetime Giving

Kay Anderson*
Marilyn § and Tom Baker
Calvin and Joanne Bamford
Brian and Sally Barker
Rob Barker ’69
Ruth § and Ron Beck
Matthew Beckingham and Piper Cheney
Robert and Kathleen Bennett
Sander and Sandra Bergman
Charles Bingham ∆
Helen Bingham-Rowles ’84 ◊ and Ronald Rowles
Nancy and Robert Brakke
Henry ’75 and Deborah Brown
Samuel* and Nathalie* Brown ƒ ∆
Alfred and Elizabeth Buck
John and Lisa Butson ∆
Robert ◊ and Sharon Camner ƒ ∆
Richard ’65 and Jessica Camp
Carolyn Irwin Cheney ’80 and Bradbury Cheney ’77 ∆
C.W. Clark § and Jill Nordfors Clark §
Lunette Coburn
Boyd Colt ’73
Kevin ’73 and Kathleen Conley
John § and Suzanne Cousins
Brian Dammeier*
Steven  Daniels § and Chris Cross
Mary Davis*
Thomas and Patricia Davis
Bruce and Virginia Dees
Deborah Mayers Denison ’77 and Raymond Denison
Wendy Hogan Dent ’83 and Charles Dent
Kathy Dobler ’79 and Dave Dearth ƒ ∆
Wayne Dodge ’68 and Larry Kreisman
Brian Duchin
Charles* and Amy Lou Eckstrom* ƒ ∆
George ’73 and Laura Edman 
Ainin and Thomas Edman 
Philip Edlund ’96 ƒ 
Talmage and Mary* Edman
James § and Carol Ferguson
Matthew ’74 and Sarah Finnigan
John and Mary Folsom ƒ ∆
Barbara Fox 
Leslie Fox
Charles ’65 and Susan Frank ƒ
John Fratt ’65
Suzanne Frech*
William and Gerry Frederick
Carl *and Ingrid Fynboe
Laura Giddings ’80 and Charles Schilling
Lee and Elizabeth Gingrich
Jane Gingrich ’73 and Neil Biermann ◊
Stephanie Rush Glenn ’86 ◊ and David Glenn
Robert Gordon ◊
Esther Grant*
Judson Gray ’77 and Gayle Gilpin Gray
Fred and Karey Griesman
Bruce § and Antoinette Haertl
Mark ’70 and Nancy Haley
Roger Hansen ’66
Harry and Sandra Haroldson
Judith ◊ and Robert Herrington
Carl and Betty Hogan
Katherine Hokanson ’75
Dale and Gail Howard
Brian and Carol Howell
Tsu-Liang and Lein-Chun Hsu
Diane ◊ and James Hunt
Charles* and Otis Hyde* ƒ ∆
Charlie Hyde III ’70
William and Elizabeth Hyde
Marc § and Turi § Janes
David Jensen ’86
Dwight and Pamela Jewson ∆
Carol Jones ◊
Paul and Alice Kaltinick
Richard Kalustian ◊
Nancey Kelley
Reed Kelley ’80 and Laurie Osmers Kelley ’82 ∆
Russell ’68 and Meridith Keyes
Dee Knight * § 
Phyllis Kriese §
Sue § and Bob LaFraugh
Eugene and Margaret Lapin
Michael Lapin ’89 and Karri Adams Lapin
Donn § and Trish Laughlin
Gil ◊ and Lisa LeFrancois
Kendall McGuire Leith ’90 and Joseph Leith
Bruce and Barbara Lind
John ’64 § and Camille § Long
John C.* and Mary K.* Long ƒ ∆
Elizabeth Lufkin
James and Kay Mabie ∆
Bruce ‘71 and Margaret Macdonald
Donald Macdonald* ƒ ∆
Alan and Jane Macpherson
Martha Magee Osborne
Tony* § and Shirley Mahar

Jean Malden
Josephine § and Douglas § Manuel
Robert Martin ’72 and Barbara Hendricksen
Phillip Mathewson ’66
Frederick ’68 and Dianne Matthaei
Charles Matthaei* ƒ ∆
Kurt* and Pamela Mayer ∆
George Weyerhaeuser Jr. ’72* and Kathleen McGoldrick ∆
Michael and Wendy McGowan
Brian and Alexsandra McGuire
David ’64 and Sheila McKay
Scott ’75 and Susan McLean
Sherry Edman McReynolds ’74 and John McReynolds
W. Howarth* and Elizabeth* Meadowcroft ƒ ∆
Susan § and Kevin Mihata
Gary* and Carol*Milgard ∆
Cari Milgard-DeGoede ’77 and Paul DeGoede ∆
Lori Milgard-Rivera ’79 and Anthony Rivera ∆
Nathalie Brown Miller ’73 and Tom Miller
George and Nilmah Mills
Bob* § and Sandra Minnerly
Elizabeth Murray Mirante ’72
Andrea Moawad
Charles Morey ’65 and Joyce Cohen
Melissa Champlin Morrill ’76 and Thomas Morrill
Paul ’78 and Rhonda Mortensen
Robert Mortensen §
Allen and Kathryn § Munn
Toby ’71 and Laurie Murray ∆
James Murray ’74 and Sandra Buell Murray ’75
Tom and Catherine* Murray ∆
Heather Havens Myers ’83 and David Myers
Dede Neunherz
Bruce Nisker ’80
Andrea Dammeier Ogden ’84 and John Ogden
Kevin O’Rourke ’74 and Edith Thurber
Michael ’68 and Alyssa O’Rourke
Eileen Osborne
Evelyn Osborne
Joseph ’69 and Marne Osborne
Robert ’67 and Karyn Osborne
John ’65 and Jan Pascoe
Philip ‘64 and Mary Pascoe
Jay ’77 and Kristeen Petersen
William and Therese Peterson
Michael and Chantelle Phillips
Wendy Phillips
Nancy Powell and Paul Kirschner ∆
Aaron Reynolds ’73 * ƒ ∆
Beverly Rush
Gordon and Traci Rush
Kimberly Rush ‘82 and David Jeschke
William and Patricia Rush ∆
George Russell Jr. ∆
Edgar § and Diana* Sanford
Katharine Davis Severson ’74 and Gary Severson ƒ ∆
Douglas and Alice Sharp
Barry ’65 and Donna Sheridan ƒ ∆
Michael ’69 and Karen Sherman
Raymond Smith* §
Virginia Smith
Dale and Mary Beth Sowell
Robert and Kathryn Spence ∆
Peter and Janet Stanley
Kirk and Janie Starr ∆
Dugald and Norita Stewart
Hans and Kathryn Stoker ∆
William and Barbara Street
John ’66 and Martha Sutton
Tom and Lissa Tommervik
Barb Dobler Tucci ’84 and Tim Tucci ∆
Thomas Vozenilek ‘75 and Betty Baugh-Harrison
Judith and G. Corydon* Wagner III
Richard Wesley
Wes Westby §
Sarah and David ’77 Weyerhaeuser ∆
Wendy* and George Weyerhaeuser Sr. ƒ ∆
William and Gail Weyerhaeuser ∆
John and Patricia Whalley ƒ ∆
Paul and Gail Wham ƒ
Bill ◊ and Leslie White
David ’84 and Lisa Whitney
Kenneth ’77 and Kari Whitney ƒ
Robert* and Helen Whitney
Warland* and Virginia Wight ƒ ∆
Jamie ’65 and Sally Will ∆
James* and Muriel Will ∆
Dwight and Stephanie Williams
Judith ◊ and Bruce ◊ Williams
Howard § and Clarice Wouters
Eric Wright ’81 and Katia Diehl
Lenore Wyatt ∆
Mandy ◊ and Gary Wyatt
Scott ’67 and Jenny Wyatt
Todd ’71 and Nancy Wyatt
David M. and Barbara Young
Lorraine Whitney Young ’79 and Thomas Young