New Donors


We would like to take this opportunity to thank those who gave a gift to the Fund for Charles Wright Academy for the first time this past year and look forward to your continuing support in the future.

◊ CWA employee | * deceased | § Society of Elders | ƒ Founders’ Society |
∏ Loyal Tarriers Society | ∆ Society of Lifetime Giving

Kevin and Rhonda Archuleta
Aukeem Ballard ’07
Gordon and Rebecca Beatte
DeNece Beckman ◊
Eric and Matthew Blegen
Kevin and Patricia Bozich
J’nai Bridges ’05
Michael ◊ and Liz Brooks
Charles and Lucille Brown
Carol Bruda
Doug ◊ and Roxanne Bushaw
Kaleung and Benchawan Chan
William ◊ and Stephanie Chissoe
Colby Cockrell ’98, DMD and Lori Naga, DMD
Joshua and Veronica Conrad
Benjamin and Eliza Lily Corrales
Lily Cui ◊
Christina Dunsmore ’04
Wolf and Edna Epstein
Steve and Elin Failla
Gregory and Kristine Failla
David and Alice Fairley
Miranda Ferguson ’16
Sharene Forest ◊
Donna Adams Gilpin
Kara Gjesdal ◊
Alia Greenbaum ◊
Thomas and Mayumi Griffin
Robert and April Hager
Thomas and Jennifer Hanly
Zachary Hinz ’14
Charles Hyde ’05
Nicola Hyde ’06
Weiwei Kong ’16
Michael and Jessica Kuluz
Thomas and Deanna Latendresse

Sarah LeFrancois ’10
Yongjun Li and Qin Huang
Hongji and Mingxia Liu
Nancy Long
Jiaqi Ma ’15
Hasanah McCauley ’16
David McInturff and Phyllis Izant
Yanely Mesa ◊
Jack Moore ’16
Michael ◊ and Sun Moore
Kara Forsyth Morse ’01 and Christopher Morse
James and Carolyn Nelson
Mark and Dulce Ngo
Mark and Wendy Nygren
Rebecca Oppenheimer
Donghui Pan and Peijun Yu (Paolo Pan and Pigeon Yu)
Jessie Price
Barry and Peggy Protage
Olivia Ramon
Brendan and Kyna Raney
Tiffany Robbins ’06
Rick Sauls ◊
Betty Schultz ◊
Wenxin Shen ’09
William and Sara Simonson
Suraj and Erica Singh
Charlotte Smith
Horacio Torres ◊
Craig and Kelley Turner
Caesar and Karen Ursic
Belma Villa ◊
David and Gina Weigel
Matthew ◊ and Heather Weiner
Michael and Marilyn Wilson
Paul and Rebecca Wulfestieg
Cameron Zurcher ◊