Gifts to Camner Fund for Faculty

Our teachers are at the heart of Charles Wright Academy. They inspire our students and fuel their growth and development each day. The lessons they teach in the classroom, on the field, on the trail, and in the lab extend well beyond students’ lives at school. The connection and respect between students and faculty are at the cornerstone of a CWA education.

As the longest serving Headmaster at Charles Wright Academy, Rob Camner spent 20 years supporting faculty with passion and unwavering commitment. The Robert Camner Fund for Faculty is an endowed fund—established in 2015 in honor of Mr. Camner’s retirement in June 2016—to support the recruitment and retention of outstanding faculty at CWA now and in the future. The greatest recipients of outstanding faculty are our students.

We extend heartfelt thanks to those who gave to the Robert Camner Fund for Faculty in its inaugural year. By making a gift to this fund, you have helped to ensure CWA can continue to recruit, retain, and reward outstanding faculty and deliver on the promise of providing every student an exceptional education and experience at Charles Wright Academy.

◊ CWA employee | * deceased | § Society of Elders | ƒ Founders’ Society |
∏ Loyal Tarriers Society | ∆ Society of Lifetime Giving

Sanjay and Deepika Agrawal
Kuljit Bains and Navneet Singha
Kimberly ◊ and Matthew Banti
Glen and Lisa Bertini
Adam and Claire Birnbaum
Noel Blyler ◊ and Marion Sharp
Boeing Matching Gift Program
  Ernest and Barbara Gylland
Stephen and Michele Boone
Jimmy Borrelli
Kevin and Patricia Bozich
Peter and Julie Brink
Melissa Brown
Robert ◊ and Sharon Camner Π ƒ ∆
James Capezio
Eric and Tenley Cederstrand
William ◊ and Stephanie Chissoe
Sang Ho and MiYoung Choi
Margaret Clapp
Darrell and Wendy Cochran
Colby Cockrell ’98, DMD and Lori Naga, DMD
Christopher Cornell and Sheri Wages-Cornell
Richard and Leesa Coyner
Laura Schuman Craig/br> Matthew and Charlotte Culberson
Bruce and Virginia Dees Π
Erin Dees ’06 and Riley Meinershagen ◊
Joe Devish
John and Diane Dimmer
Kathy Dobler ’79 and Dave Dearth Π ∆
Cristina and Jorge Duque
Gregory and Kristine Failla
Coleman and Lilia Fannin
R. A. Ford, III ◊
John Forier ◊ and Heidi Huckins ◊
Ryan and Jenni Fournier
Mary ◊ and Guenther Franzen
Travis and Christy Gagnier
Dana Ghilarducci Gaume ’83 and Bryan Gaume
Zheng Ge and Lucy Zhou
Blake Goldberg ’82
Ernest and Barbara Gylland
Marc and Kim Harrington
Judith ◊ and Robert Herrington Π
Brent and Jessica Hill
Samuel and Kathleen Hinz
Christopher ◊ and Mieke Hoppin
Diane ◊ and James Hunt Π
Sharon Hurt ◊
Manuel and Chiarina Iregui
Juan and Sarah Iregui
Jemstone, L.L.C.
  Joe ’88 and Gloria Mayer ∆
Pamela and Dwight Jewson Π ∆
Brooke Brakke Judge ’97 ◊ and Robert Judge
Richard Kalustian ◊ Π
David ◊ and Julie Kangas
Sandra Karwhite
Lisa Kline
Michael and Jessica Kuluz
Jeffrey and Anjali Kunz
Eric and Bradie Kvinsland
Charles A. and Charlotte C. Larson
Amanda Laws ◊
Carl and Kelly Lenaburg
Timothy and Debby Lord
Roger and Roz Lueck-Mammen
The Lundberg Family
Todd MacNaughton

Pamela Mayer Π ∆
Joe ’88 and Gloria Mayer ∆
Sue and Jim Mayer
Rita Irvin and Sands McKinley
Alyce McNeil
Anna and David Meadowcroft ’84
Tamara Merrill
Richard and Ellen Middleton
Cheryl ◊ and James Miller
David and Mary Minsk
Milan and Sandra Moore
Rajiv and Jamie Nagaich
Mark Nelson and Jennifer Flint-Nelson
Tracey Nyberg ’99
Charles ’72 and Kerri O’Farrell
Michael and Katharine Opitz
John and Lynne Parrott
William and Carla Pelster
Michael Peterson and Mimy Eng
Philippe and Loubna Pla
Cliff and Jackie Quisenberry ƒ ∆
Brendan and Kyna Raney
Andrea Rose
Stephen ◊ and Jennifer Saalfeld
Scott and Katie Sabo
Michael ’88 and Sandie Salema
Anthony Saletan and Jill Rosenthal ∆
Saltchuk Resources, Inc.
Blake Goldberg ’82
Glenn and Stacy Schorno
Sid Schuman
Mary Lou Sclair
Benjamin ’88 and Deb Sclair
Robert Scotlan ◊
William and Tatyana Searcy
Amy ◊ and Terran Senftleben
Annie Senner ◊
Douglas and Alice Sharp Π
John and Michelle Simmer
Suraj and Erica Singh
Chris and Michele Slaughter
Matthew and Jennifer Smith
John and Elizabeth Snyder
Dale and Mary Beth Sowell Π
Tim and Lisa Spangler
Tiffany Spaulding
Jeffrey and Nicole Stice
Melissa L. Stoltenberg
James and Mona Stone
Preston and Lori Sullivan
Douglas and Valerie Sutherland
Mary Takaki ◊
Jay and JoAnne Tees
Daphne Mackey and George Thompson
Ian and Heather Toner
Alton Tran and Phuong Nguyen
Jenny and Rick Unruh
Shan and Steven Vipond
Ann Vogel ◊ and Keith Palmer
Roger and Karen Wang
Janet Weiss Evans and Anthony Evans
Sarah and David ’77 Weyerhaeuser Π ∆
Bill ◊ and Leslie White Π
Daniel Wicklund ◊
Trevor ’93 and Cassandra Will
Elizabeth and Joseph Williams ∆
Judith ◊ and Bruce ◊ Williams Π
Kimberly Jankelson Woods ’83 and Sabin Woods
Shaofan and Xuemei Xu
Nick Zosel-Johnson ◊ and Susan Sparrow ◊