Society of Lifetime Giving


On May 23, 2013, the Society of Lifetime Giving at Charles Wright Academy was established to honor those whose generosity has helped shape the future of the school. These philanthropic leaders have made a tremendous impact on the lives of children by making an outstanding education possible and accessible.

Membership in the Society of Lifetime Giving represents a benefactor’s giving a total of $100,000 or more to the school, as well as gifts made through a bequest or estate. Permanent membership is granted after a benefactor has earned a place in the society.

We are deeply grateful to the members of the Society of Lifetime Giving for their vision and generosity.

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∏ Loyal Tarriers Society | ∆ Society of Lifetime Giving

Anonymous (3)
Anders and Janet Berglund
Charles Bingham
Susan Boynton
Samuel* and Nathalie* Brown ƒ Π
Jack and Lowell* Butson ƒ Π
Robert ◊ and Sharon Camner ƒ Π
Bradbury Cheney ’77 and Carolyn Irwin Cheney ’80 Π
Ben B. Cheney Foundation
Jacqui Clapp
Frank Cutler ’67
CWA Parent Association
John* and Ruby Dobler
Christina Dobler ’77 and Gonzalo Fernandez
Kathy Dobler ’79 and Dave Dearth Π
Charles* and Amy Lou* Eckstrom ƒ Π
Eva Elliott ’93
Jonathan Elliott ’96
Neil* and Gail* Elliott
Ingrid Elliott ’88 and Joel Shapiro
John and Mary Folsom ƒ Π
The Edward E. Ford Foundation
Fuchs Foundation
Harold and Helen Hansen
Jeffrey and Elizabeth Hayford
Charles* and Otis* Hyde Π
Pam and Dwight Jewson Π
Reed Kelley ’80 and Laurie Osmers Kelley ’82 Π
Bernice Keyes*
John C.* and Mary K.* Long ƒ Π
Kay and Jim Mabie Π
Donald* and Charlotte* Macdonald ƒ Π
Charles* and Helen* Matthaei
Joe ’88 and Gloria Mayer
Kurt* and Pamela Mayer Π
Edward McFerran
Kathleen McGoldrick and George Weyerhaeuser Jr. ’72* Π
Gary McLean
W. Howarth* and Elizabeth* Meadowcroft

Medina Foundation
R.D. Merrill Foundation
Gary* and Carol* Milgard Π
Cari Milgard-DeGoede ’77 and Paul DeGoede Π
Lori Milgard-Rivera ’79 and Anthony Rivera Π
Tom and Catherine* Murray Π
L. T. Murray Sr.*
Toby ’71 and Laurie Murray Π
Stephen ’74 and Rita Nielsen
Rich and Gale Osaka
Nancy Powell and Paul Kirschner Π
Cliff and Jackie Quisenberry ƒ
Mr. and Mrs. David Rawlinson
Paul and Laura Reynolds
Aaron Reynolds ’73* Π
John and Patricia Rosenwald
William and Patricia Rush Π
George Russell Jr. and Jane* Russell Π
George* and Mary B.* Russell
Anthony Saletan and Jill Rosenthal
Katharine Davis Severson ’74 and Gary Severson ƒ Π
Barry ’65 and Donna Sheridan ƒ Π
Robert and Kathryn Spence Π
Kirk and Janie Starr Π
Thomas Stewart*
Hans and Kathryn Stoker Π
Herman Tenzler* ƒ
Todd Estate
Barb Dobler Tucci ’84 and Tim Tucci Π
Leigh VanEtten* § ƒ
Sarah and David ’77 Weyerhaeuser Π
Wendy* and George Weyerhaeuser Sr. ƒ Π
John and Patricia Whalley ƒ Π
Warland* and Virginia* Wight ƒ
Jamie ’65 and Sally Will Π
James and Muriel Will Π
Elizabeth and Joseph Williams
F. Lowry* and Lenore Wyatt