Sports Boosters


The CWA Sports Boosters foster school spirit by creating a community of fans who support all of our student athletes. Thank you to all of our Boosters leadership and volunteers, especially Barb Tucci ’84, Brad Cheney ’77, Dave Meadowcroft ’84, Mona Stone, Wendy Cochran, Lucy Zhou, Jessica Corddry, Dan Dobler, Bryan Evans, Toby Murray, Marlus Francis, Chuck and Lisa Woodstock, Nathan and Martha Berg, and Ed Beck along with our Boosters sponsors, advertisers, members, and fans for showing their Tarrier pride and for supporting the CWA athletic program!

◊ CWA employee | * deceased | § Society of Elders | ƒ Founders’ Society |
∏ Loyal Tarriers Society | ∆ Society of Lifetime Giving


Dobler Management Company, Inc.
Barb Dobler Tucci ’84 and Tim Tucci Π ∆
Christina Dobler ’77 and Gonzalo Fernandez
Kathy Dobler ’79 and Dave Dearth Π ∆
Foss Landing
Fournier Insurance Solutions
Ryan and Jenni Fournier
David ’82 and Sharon Haas
John and Joyce Knowles
Neil Walter Company LLC
PFAU Cochran Vertetis Amala
Darrell and Wendy Cochran
Pinnacle Lumber & Plywood, LLC
Anna and David Meadowcroft ’84
Sound Collections Company
Barb Dobler Tucci ’84 and Tim Tucci Π ∆
Christina Dobler ’77 and Gonzalo Fernandez
Kathy Dobler ’79 and Dave Dearth Π ∆
Sound Screening Services
Barb Dobler Tucci ’84 and Tim Tucci Π ∆
Christina Dobler ’77 and Gonzalo Fernandez
Kathy Dobler ’79 and Dave Dearth Π ∆
Titus-Will Chevrolet
Trevor ’93 and Cassandra Will
Triple-T Designs, Inc.
Tiffany Spaulding
Tucci & Sons Inc
Barb Dobler Tucci ’84 and Tim Tucci
Michael and Mary Jo Tucci

Wave Lending Group
Joel and Barbara Lundberg
Charles and Lisa Woodstock

Darrell and Wendy Cochran
David and Mary Minsk

James ◊ and Holly Albers
Chief Justice Gerry and Christine Alexander
Sally and Don Anacker
Alan and Jill Ater
Ziad and Janet Baba
Kuljit Bains and Navneet Singha
Deborah ◊ and Donald Baldwin
Kimberly ◊ and Matthew Banti
Ben and Nurhan Barcus
Chad and Trisha Bender
Glen and Lisa Bertini
Anthony and Nancy Braxton
Shane and Manon Buettner
Brian ◊ and Karen Burdick ◊
Kevin Burke and Susan Larsen
William ◊ and Stephanie Chissoe
David and Kimberly Clark
Darrell and Wendy Cochran
Mary ◊ and John Cole
Timothy and Jessica Corddry
Richard and Leesa Coyner
Laura Schuman Craig
Matthew ◊ and Charlotte Culberson
Todd and Julie Currier
Becky and Kurt Cushman
Jack and Elizabeth Cushman
Daniel and Clarisa Dobler
Kathy Dobler ’79 and Dave Dearth Π ∆
Bryan and Lynn Evans
Gregory and Kristine Failla
Coleman and Lilia Fannin
Saraid Faville-White ◊ and Brian White ’00
Dennis and Angela Fields
Jon Flies ◊ and Judy Thorne
Ryan and Jenni Fournier
Tyler ◊ and Marlus Francis
John and Casey Gibson
Blake Goldberg ’82
George and Barbie Gonzalez
Catherine ◊ and Darren Grider
David ’82 and Sharon Haas
Sarah Hamel
Thomas and Jennifer Hanly
Marc and Kim Harrington
Maeve Harris

Wayne and Wendy Harsha
Brent and Jessica Hill
Samuel and Kathleen Hinz
David Hirschberg ’80 and Morgan Wain
Greg Howell ’89
Brian and Carol Howell Π
Sharon Hurt ◊
Bill and Darlene Ibach
David Iverson and Kathryn Castleberry
Houston Jackson ’06
Thomas and Laurie Jackson
Celia Jacobson-Congdon and Andrew Congdon
Michael ’81 and Christa Jankelson
John and Kris Jorgenson
Sandra Karwhite
James and Wendy Kelly
Varun and Marilyn Khanna
Frank and Anne Kim
Eric Knowles ’09 ◊
John and Joyce Knowles
Peter and Helen Kwon
Manuel and Silvia La Rosa
Charles A. and Charlotte C. Larson
Thomas and Deanna Latendresse
Mark and Jodie Lawson
Kendall McGuire Leith ’90 and Joseph Leith Π
Carl and Kelly Lenaburg
Scott Limoli and Wendy Welch
Timothy and Debby Lord
Joel and Barbara Lundberg
Eric Madison ’09
Dean and Julie Mastras
Joseph ’88 and Gloria Mayer ∆
Mindy McGrath ◊
Blake Meadowcroft ’14
Anna and David Meadowcroft ’84
Jeanette McKelvey Mikita ’90 and Jeffrey Mikita
David and Mary Minsk
Rajiv and Jamie Nagaich
Karen and Sven Nelson
John and Lynne Parrott
Rahul and Tanvi Patel
William and Carla Pelster
Kris and Rosemary Peterson
Scheila Pikes
Philippe and Loubna Pla
Mason and Cindy Platt
Bryan Pritchett and Rebekah Baldwin
Cliff and Jackie Quisenberry ∆ ƒ
Brendan and Kyna Raney
Fanny Roberts
Craig and Deliah Rouse
Stephen ◊ and Jennifer Saalfeld
Bahman and Debra Saffari
Joseph and Feng Sam
Nancy and Roderic Schauer
Glenn and Stacy Schorno
Benjamin ’88 and Deb Sclair
Robert Scotlan ◊
William and Tatyana Searcy
Amy ◊ and Terran Senftleben
Raymond and Susan Shakoor-Asadi
John and Elizabeth Snyder
Tim and Lisa Spangler
Christine Spataro
Willie Stewart
Jeffrey and Nicole Stice
Ishmael Stinson ’09
Thomas Stoltenberg
Jafar and Sudi Taghavi
Barb Dobler Tucci ’84 and Tim Tucci Π ∆
Craig and Kelley Turner
Jenny and Rick Unruh
Colin Walters ◊
Jake Weyerhaeuser ’09
Bill ◊ and Leslie White Π
Trevor ’93 and Cassandra Will
Judith ◊ and Bruce Williams ◊ Π
Jack Winters ’77
Charles and Lisa Woodstock
Joseph Yoon and Josephine Lee