On Learning

Emma L. ’18

“My first soccer lesson was when I was 18 months old. My dad, who played club soccer as a kid, enrolled me in a daddy-daughter soccer clinic. My shin guards were as big as my legs, and we basically ran wild kicking the ball with no control. I have always enjoyed soccer and the bond it’s helped me develop with teammates and coaches. I love that at no matter my age, I can step onto the pitch and feel a rush—no matter how much I prepare, I have no idea how the next 80 minutes are going to play out. Passes will be made and balls will be missed. Will my teammates score? Will I save many shots or a few? There is no telling how it will play out. I find passion in sharing my soccer knowledge with my teammates at CWA. My mother always told me that wearing school colors is an honor and something not everyone experiences. For years, I worked really hard and dedicated many hours to obtain a level where I could represent my school with honor and pride. Being a student-athlete at Charles Wright allows me the leadership opportunity in something I love, and it also allows me to participate in sports, like basketball, where I am not as skilled but willing to try. After being a sidelined athlete last year with an ACL injury, I decided to develop the Female Athletes Club in hopes of helping motivate and encourage female athletes of all sports to join together in supporting each other. Following my graduation from CWA, I will miss competing in the sport I have loved my entire life as well as my teammates and my awesome CWA coaches. This community has been so encouraging and welcoming to me—I have loved being a part of it.” – Emma L. ’18

Trevor N. ’23

“When I started sixth grade, I felt excited and unsure. I had only a tiny idea of what language to take. The thing that helped me choose was doing the rotations between Spanish, French, and Japanese. They gave me a foundation of each language and facts about their history and culture. I liked the fact that we had plenty of time to choose. I ended up taking Spanish, and I’m happy with my choice.” – Trevor N. ’23

Lily S. ’26

“The reason why I like art is because it connects my imagination and feelings to reality. If you have a pencil and paper, you can put your emotions into your work. I like painting and carving, but most of all I just love drawing. I prefer to use pencils, especially mechanical pencils. Last year I used normal pencils, but what I realized was that every once in a while I’d have to sharpen it, so I just decided to go with mechanical pencils, because you never have to sharpen them! Sometimes I use colored pencils, but I just love to use a pencil pencil. If you go for pencil, you can erase something and then add something in. Just like Miz Candy says, ‘There are no mistakes in art; there are just a lot of changes.’ Recently I’ve been drawing fan art. I like video games—mostly the Legend of Zelda series. I love to draw the characters; they’re all my favorites! Another thing I’ve learned from Miz Candy is that we may not be perfect and that everyone’s art is different, so no one’s art is going to look like one another’s. I like to be creative. Art doesn’t just ignite your imagination and put it onto a piece of paper, it’s also to put your feelings on paper. If you have a sad day, you might use sad colors like blues and purples. You can use red if you’re angry, or sometimes orange and yellow. But you can use different colors if you want. You don’t have to follow what I’m saying—it’s just my opinion on it. You can do whatever you want in art.”
– Lily S. ’26