On Learning

Connor P. ’24

“What I enjoy most about the maker space is that I can build things I imagine. I think about something I want to create and I can build it either on my own or with my friends. My favorite thing I’ve made is a fan. I also like it when Mr. Newton brings in old machines because I can take them apart to see how the pieces work together, and sometimes I can rebuild them. ”

Marshall H. ’22

“My favorite class at CWA is performing arts. Performing arts is made a great experience because of our amazing teachers, who are filled with energy, making it fun to take part in their classes. I have learned to become a better singer and last year in sixth grade I learned how to read basic music. For me this is super cool because I never knew how to read music before and now I know what F sharp or F minor means. It’s so much fun—both the classes and the plays we put on for the school. The Upper School drama students are super funny and engaging; the performing arts are not just a waste of time. The kids who perform feel like real actors. We learned all of our skills of acting from our awesome teachers! I can’t wait for when I am in Upper School to learn more skills.”

Aalia G. ’19

“Though studying absolutely every subject at Charles Wright has been a gratifying and engaging experience, one of my most favorite subjects to study so far has been science. Physics this year has been intoxicating, with every class being filled with laughter, joy, and the urge to learn more of whatever new concept is being introduced to us. Prior to starting my first year at Charles Wright, physics seemed daunting and too foreign a subject to comprehend, but taking it this year with Mr. Lameroux has been an absolute blast. He thoroughly explains new intricate subject matters in an ebullient and quirky manner by making unconventional comparisons to physics so that every student understands in a laughable and enjoyable setting. Mr. Lamoreux not only takes the time to make new lessons fun and humorous episodes, but also he takes the time to answer the multitude of questions we have if we still don’t understand the new concepts just quite yet. Every physics class period is a class to look forward to, as this year we explore nature and the different properties of matter and energy that affect nature. So far we’ve tested concepts that range from the acceleration of different matter to freefall affected by the gravitational pull of an atmosphere. I personally love the science program here at Charles Wright because as we study new captivating topics, I—along with other students—can always look forward to widening our perspectives of how we see the world, and how every energy in our world along with other worlds affects everything within it and around it.”