Mission & Commitments

Charles Wright Academy’s Mission Statement

Charles Wright Academy provides a rigorous and dynamic liberal arts education built on the principles of excellence and compassion. Within an inclusive and globally aware learning community, we foster self-reliance, integrity, social responsibility, and humor, inspiring our students to discover within themselves the courage to achieve their personal best in mind, body, and spirit. – Adopted by the Board of Trustees, December 2015

Charles Wright Academy’s Faculty Commitments to Students

The Charles Wright commitment to you, the student, is to:

1. Stimulate your intellectual curiosity and develop your critical thinking, preparing you for success in college and for learning throughout life;

2. Open your eyes to the world so that you grow to be a responsible, generous, and compassionate global citizen;

3. Nurture in you the values of hard work, accountability, resilience, perseverance, and self-management;

4. Encourage you to discover your talents so that art, music, and creative expression become a part of who you are;

5. Motivate you to be your competitive best while developing teamwork, leadership, and healthy habits for a lifetime of fitness;

6. Teach you the value of integrity so that it guides you in your relationships with others and yourself;

7. Develop in you a discerning and generous respect for others’ work and the gracious acceptance of others’ assessments of your own;

8. Provide you opportunities to discover the beauty and wonder of nature;

9. Inspire you to build strong interpersonal relationships that adapt and grow stronger as you experience life’s difficulties;

10. Laugh with you often and encourage you to use humor to make learning and life joyous; and

11. Deepen your awareness of spirituality as you pursue your life’s meaning, purpose, and direction.